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What is meant by Individually-Tailored Tutoring?

Individualized tutoring refers to the way in which Mick assesses and then designs a program to address each student’s unique needs ad goals. This is particularly important with regard to standardized test preparation. Because no two students are exactly alike, they have different deadlines, score requirements, skills, and academic experience. By tailoring the tutoring program for each student, Mick can help the student to succeed in a timely manner

Private Tutoring

Mick Rosenblum works directly with each student. He holds tutoring sessions at his office in an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to effective learning. This also allows him to work with the student in an uninterrupted, quiet learning environment, maximizing the student's focus and concentration as well as the cost-effectiveness of the services Mick provides.

Small Group Tutoring

A-Academics also offers group tutoring for two or three students. This a great way for students who are studying the same coursework to enhance each other's learning experiences. A-Academics has special reduced pricing for group services, so you can pair-up with a friend or two and save money.

Online Tutoring Services

The online tutorial services that Mick provides are remarkably efficient and effective, and allow students, from anywhere in the world, to have access to A-Academics tutoring services. Mick has tailored these online (Internet and/or telephone) programs to work particularly well for SAT and ACT preparation.

Personalized Tutoring