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Mick Rosenblum

Over a span of more than three decades, A-Academics founder, Mick Rosenblum, has earned a reputation as one of the most experience SAT and ACT test preparation experts and authors in the nation. Remarkably, Mick remains one of the relatively few test prep specialists who has authored his own coursework material.

Mick operates A-Academics as a personal tutorial service. Working directly with each student, Mick ensures that all of his clients are able to benefit from his extensive experience. Unlike so many other tutorial services, A-Academics is not a franchise or tutor referral service.

Moreover, A-Academics SAT and ACT coursework is not a one-size-fits-all program. Mick understands that every student is unique in his or her skill-level, requirements, and goals. With that in mind, Mick carefully tailors his test preparation approach to accommodate each student’s individual needs.


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Since 1983, A-Academics remains the longest  continually-operating tutoring service in San Diego County and neighboring communities.

Mick Rosenblum  has authored and published three editions of his SAT Magic coursework material that are among the most effective SAT and ACT courses on the market.

Mick also modifies his approach to address the needs of each student. In that way, he can help the student to reach his or her individual academics goals in the least amount of time.

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